Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Starting Week Three of my T-25 Experience

I ended week two less then stellar. I weighed myself on Friday morning to find that I had only lost one pound that week.  When I put it into perspective it wasn't so bad. Three pounds in week one, one pound in week two. Four pounds total in two weeks.  But I was frustrated. My body was lying to me again.  So I took out my measuring tape and found I had lost one inch in my chest and two inches in my waist. In two weeks! That made me feel lots better about the low weight loss numbers.

I was feeling a tad bit run down though by Friday evening and didn't feel like cooking.  I didn't do my workout either.  I ordered pizza for the family and enjoyed two slices, my first gluten in two weeks with the exception of the bit of pretzel roll I had in week one.

I woke up Saturday feeling ok. A little bloated but not bad.  I did my workouts that day and felt pretty good. Sunday morning I woke up with my feet completely swollen and sore along with my shoulders and neck really hurting.  I stepped on the scale to see a two pound weight gain too. UGH.  When will I learn? I should be able to have the occasional piece of pizza without this kind of reaction! I have discovered that rice isn't to friendly with me either.  So what does that leave? No bread, no rice...It's hard to consist on salads or cooked veggies all the time.  I've been cautioned against beans too as they have inflammatory properties or so I'm told.

I was back on track on Sunday, eating healthy and getting a good sweat in that wasn't even a workout (I'm cleaning and rearranging my bedroom while hubby is out of town, don't tell, it's a surprise!) and I woke up Monday feeling better, but I'm still really bummed about my body's reaction to foods.  Wow, that was one long sentence! :)

I have lots of friends who have the same issues, as a matter of fact they are the ones who recognized my symptoms and suggested grain free, how do they deal with this on an ongoing basis?  I was great in week one and almost all the way through week two. Then I just felt the NEED for gluten.  Why then? What would happen if I didn't succumb to this need and let the feeling pass? Would it eventually go away completely? Would I be free of my need for gluten? I know our body needs carbs for energy and I am getting lots of healthy whole food carbs in the way of fruits and veggies.  I am not by any means going low carb or protein dense in my diet.  I feel we need all the food groups and I am not limiting myself there.

I am however trying to focus on nutrition dense foods. No empty snacks, no "filler" foods that help you feel full with no nutritional value.  I used to think that was the way to go. Load up on lots of veggies that had little or no nutritional value or calories (celery, iceberg lettuce, etc.), but now I know better. I know that in order to run efficiently my body needs fuel. It needs calories to burn calories! Wow. There is a concept.

So I'm actually asking for advice and for anyone reading this to chime in if they have any suggestions for me on the food front.  My jaw is getting tired from all the salads lately! And cooked veggies and eggs are only going so far anymore.

Desperately in love with food!

PS. Just wanted to update a thanks to my friends who have sent me messages with suggestions. While I can't take all suggestions because of my own body issues I appreciate it all the same!

PSS. I understand others think I am just complaining to complain. I am honestly looking for some food suggestions.

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