Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You Put Your Right Foot In

You put your right foot out, you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about...

That is kind of what I am feeling right now with Insanity. We finished our first 30 days and then did the week of recovery and then decided we needed to stick with level 1 for another 30 days. I'm thankful that my hubby had the same thoughts. I can't imagine what would have happened had we gone onto level 2 this morning. I may not be here to type this post. :) 

The first 30 days of Insanity has been great. It's been incredibly hard but it's been really fun too. I see such amazing improvement with my hubby. Seriously good stuff happening with him. I am feeling stronger each and every day. Clothes are not fitting any looser but I will continue working on that for sure. I am about ready to just throw out the scale and never get back on the thing. So many people give up because of a number on a scale or because the scale isn't moving. I am reminding myself that I am getting healthier and stronger and better in every other way. The weight will come off. I'm not stressed about it.

I am enjoying my morning time with my man though. It's great to spend that time together waking up and sweating! I know that when Insanity is over we will pick another program to do together. It feels really good to be in this with someone. You know what I mean? Before I was all by myself with my workouts. Sure I had my online friends and my Super Gym peeps, but having someone with you is different. Especially when it's the person you care about more than anyone else!

We are eating better too. So many more vegetables than ever before. Less red meat, more chicken & fish. I put together our week of snacks every Sunday. I cut up lots of fresh vegetables, boil eggs, & make snack bags of almonds. This is how I make sure we have our snacks ready to go in the morning. All I have to do is make a sandwich and grab the goodies and we are out the door. :) I am still working on drinking more water.  It is hard when it's so cold in our office all the time I want to drink hot fluids all day. I find myself drinking tea all day long and not water. I must work to fix this. :) 

As with any exercise program, we are constantly adjusting and making this work for us. I am still recovering from microfracture surgery on my ankle last October. Every once in a while the ankle will give me grief and I have to ease up on it and move it around a little.  But I haven't given up and I won't.  Pat is dealing with bad hips. He had microfracture surgery several years ago on his left hip but his right hip has more arthritis in it and causes him a lot of pain.  So everything we do is to the best of our ability with slight modifications and maybe a few more breaks than we want.  But it is still very hard, our heart rates are always high and I know that I am completely drenched with sweat when I am done.  

And that is what it's all about.

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