Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Globes...I hate you

Our workout this morning was Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance which is described thusly:
Cardio Power & Resistance. Build lean muscle and upper-body definition with strength-training and power moves. (40 min.)

Ummm, yeah. Sure. There are a few moves that my body hates. One is Globes. It's basically jumping like a frog to the right one jump, touching the floor, back one jump, left one jump, forward one jump and then start again to the right. I get dizzy after only three of these things. That is three times around the globe or 12 jumps. I never would have imagined these could be so hard for me. I remember playing leapfrog as a kid and it was fun! I never got light headed or had to stop and get my breath. lol. But we persevered and we finished. I'm not saying we finished strong, we just finished.

A coworker is starting her Insanity journey.  She did the Fit Test yesterday and said she killed it.  I asked if it was really the other way around and she agreed, it killed her too! lol. But she is sore today and looking forward to today's workout. I don't have the heart to warn her so I'll let her figure it out on her own. Evil? Maybe. :)

I told my husband last night I am going to focus more on my diet this next thirty day stretch and see if that changes it. I am already eating pretty healthy but I do indulge in an adult beverage about 4 nights a week. No more alcohol for me right now. We will see if it changes anything. I am hoping my morning workouts will be stronger but I don't know if it will have that much of an effect.

I've also realized that I am hiding behind my workouts to not tell you anything else. :) I find it so much easier to talk about my trials regarding exercise. Not so easy to talk about the rest of my life. So as a challenge to myself I am going to try and add in some personal off topic tidbits. Deep breath here...

My baby graduates high school in 11 days, I am in the process of being laid off my job and looking between two possible positions, waiting to hear from one in particular.  My elderly pug is probably only a few weeks away from the big sleep and I turn 43 at the end of June.

I feel like some of those statements need additional comments but right now I'm just putting things out there. I will elaborate on one or two in the upcoming days/weeks.

Wish me luck on my jobs and my baby's graduation. I am hoping to get through it without being a complete mess. 


Anonymous said...

Definitely not imbibing will help. We've drastically cut back our drinking and have noticed a real change. Have fun with Insanity.

John (Hodzer)

LeAnn Woodward said...

Thanks John. :) You and Barry have cut back? My hero's have cut back? Well at least I still have Brenda and Jason to look up to! lol.

I hope to see more of a change this next 30 days! Thanks for the input.