Thursday, May 03, 2012

Am I Insane?

I just might be.  Seriously Insane.

First off, let me say sorry for anyone who actually reads my blog for being gone so long. I neglected this space because 1. it's scary to put yourself out there for others to read 2. I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to say and 3. It's also really scary to put yourself out there only to find that no one is reading. That makes me sad. So instead of pretending that I didn't care, I stopped posting.  But I'm better now.  Or I don't care anymore. Either way I am posting today. I can't guarantee that this new found confidence/insanity will last. But for now it's all good. :)

Ok, back to the reason for posting. My husband and I decided to embark on a new fitness routine together.  This is monumental because our schedules are so hectic and we usually can't seem to find time to do much together. Also, the last time we tried it lasted only a few days. If you don't enjoy the workout, getting up an hour early isn't going to continue happening. That's all I'll say. :)

So last week we started this new program, maybe you have heard of it...INSANITY. The infomercial with Shaun T. yelling at you to dig deeper! Yes, that one. I am 50+ pounds overweight, had microfracture surgery on my ankle in November (Sorry, I didn't even come back to tell you that.) And I am doing an insanely intense program. And know what  I LOVE IT! I truly do! Surprised the crap out of me that is for sure.

We are nearing the end of week 2. We do a new fit test on Monday. I am excited to see how much better I am from two weeks ago. I am not really seeing a difference yet, but hubby is looking good and already getting tighter! He is going to have some amazing results! I just know it. He says I'm looking smaller myself so I will believe him but I'm not too worried about it at this point. I have a lot to lose and I am ready to just keep going forward to lose it!

We took day one pictures. I'm not quite ready to post those yet. When I have something to compare with then I will post for all two or three of you to see. :)

For those of you who are interested in looking at what we are doing you can check it out here:

If you didn't know already, I am a Team Beachbody Coach and you can purchase this program and many others through me. Or if you are interested in helping others get fit and healthy you can become a coach yourself. Contact me if you want more info. If not, you are still my friend and I hope you still come back to see what changes occur over the next 60 days! On a side note, at the end of the 60 days I will be flying to Vegas for a Team Beachbody Summit. I am hoping to look way slimmer and to be able to stop Shaun T and tell him thank you for my new body!

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