Monday, May 07, 2012

Two weeks down

Last week I posted that hubby and I are doing Insanity. Yes we are insane and you should be too! :)

I am proud to say that we have made it through two weeks and are now starting our third week. We took the fit test again this morning. I was a little disappointed with my numbers at first until I realized that I was actually doing the moves correctly this time and without modification! That was an amazing realization. I was stoked to think that in two weeks I went from non impact workouts to actually being able to leave the ground for extended periods of time. This stuff works!

My hubby kicked butt though!  OMG.  He is amazing. I am so proud to see how well he is doing. But to be honest dude wasn't in bad shape at all. :) He had gained a few lb's but he wasn't "heavy" or "big". He is still lanky with a tad bit of a belly. He is going to kick butt with this program! I am just so excited to see his changes. More excited than even my own changes.  But I have longer journey to take than he does.

Now doing a program like this requires some serious fuel.  Last week we went through 2 dozen hard boiled eggs, over a pound of almonds, more vegetables and fruit than I can even fathom. :) It's all about fueling your body at regular intervals! Shakeology has really, really helped. I am not sure if I could do this without it.  I am making some small changes to our diet. More chicken, more fish, less red meat. More veggies, more fruit, sugary/salty snacks. Lots of yogurt too. I've also added some unsweetened almond milk.

I haven't checked my measurements.  I will leave that for day 30 along with pictures.  At this point my feeling is, if I feel stronger, if I am doing better - more then I am doing what needs to be done and the weight will eventually follow.  After all, this journey is about discovery and health.  Not about a number on a scale.  Can I get an Amen?

I will keep updating.  Next week we go to Reno with a large group of family members.  This should be fun.  I will scope out the workout room to see if there is a DVD player otherwise it will be done in our room and the noises we make while doing it will leave our neighbors thinking dirty thoughts!  I only moan to Insanity. lol.  Honest! ;)

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