Thursday, January 26, 2012

Counting Calories

Counting Calories

A great article by Tony Horton. While he is entertaining he is also informative. I good read for those who are working on living healthier.

I am on my own journey and can personally use all the help I can get. It's frustrating when our brain decides to get involved when it comes to hunger and eating. I am not necessarily a bored eater but I do enjoy my food and beverage sometimes a little too much.

I am working on understanding what my body needs and trying to give it exactly that. Now did it need those three bite sized candy bars I ate this morning? Nope. It did not. That was emotional, frustration eating. Plain and simple. I get so frustrated because I feel like I have all the answers and all the knowledge but I still fall prey to eating too much too often and not the right things.

The diet industry wants us confused. They want us to to yo-yo. They wouldn't make any money if we were successful in being healthy. They want to sell gimmicks and fads and we let them because we buy them. I'm done with those and I've been done with those for quite some time now. I know my body needs to move everyday. I need to get up from my desk at work and move. I need to drink more water, eat more green leafy veggies along with lean protein and whole grains (if you are currently eating grains) A whole other post altogether! lol.

So enjoy Tony's article. Understand we are a machine and made to process our foods for fuel. Our bodies are amazing and I am always awed by it's complexity. I think I may have to let you know a little of why I've been absent in another post at another time. It has something to do with our bodies and it's amazing ability to recover and heal.

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