Thursday, September 20, 2007



I'm seriously pissed off about getting as big and fat as I have in the past 18 months. How does a person gain 40lbs??? I need to do my clothes shopping at the oompa loompa store. Sadly, there are none around. :(

So, I am serous about my weight right now. I have signed up for an online weight loss help through SELF magazine. I'm doing the walk program because I really just want to start slow and not hurt my Achillies again. I'm excited too. I have eaten really well today consuming only around 750 calories so far, so that leaves me with 450 left for dinner. NICE.

I will be walking the track during my son's football practice for 35 minutes doing lunges inbetween laps. I'll look like a freak, but I don't care. :)

Next week I'm going to try and get my TV fixed so I can start doing some of my home workouts. I have a lot of great workouts that I loved doing when I was 40lbs lighter. I know I will love them again! Turbo Jam, Power 90, P90X, Power Half Hour, Fast 10 (not one of my favorites, but a nice quick workout) Slim in 6 (again, not a favorite, can you say boooooring) Slim Series and my newest Turbo Jam Ball workouts. I have yet to do any of those or the Third set of Turbo Jam. Some are still in the wrappers. I guess I am a workout collector. lol. But I really do love the Beachbody products so I am excited to get back to them. I really want to do the Power 90 again as that was the one I had the most success with, but all I have are the old VHS's and my TV has a built in VHS and DVD player...the reason I can't use it right now is that there is a VHS stuck in the slot that won't eject. (my P0wer 90!) and I can't get it out. The TV shuts its self down when it can't eject the video. So I turn on the TV and quickly try to get it to pop out before it shuts itself off again! I think I'm going to have to take it into a repair shop! GRRRR!

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Kristol said...

I'm behind you 100% LeAnn!! You can do this! We can do this!! I've gained and gained and gained the past few years and I've had ENOUGH! GO LEANN GO!!!

I feel ya on the running for the kids. I have a Junior and Senior this year too!! Busy busy!