Friday, September 21, 2007

Daily Calorie Intake...

Thursday 9/20/07:
I thought I was doing really good, but when all was said and done it wasn't as good as I thought. hmmmm. I'm going to have to shave some calories. I know it's going to have to be my coffee creamer. Maybe my morning hard boiled egg. I think if I eat two egg whites I'll still get the protien, but not the fat and high calories.

6 oz fruit yogurt with low calorie sweetner 86 calories
Hard Boiled Egg 77 calories
Coffee with non-dairy creamer (2 cups) 70 calories
Medium Raw Apple 81 calories
Chicken Bento with cabbage 550 calories
Turkey Pepperoni (5 pieces) 25 calories
Taco Soup 690 calories
Milk 1% 12 oz. 153 Calories
Total Calories 1712

OUCH! I wanted to stay around 1200. I thought I was doing it. But when I went back and really thought about what I ate and drank I had to add some extra calories. Like the Milk and the Turkey Pepperoni. I forgot about the coffee creamer too. Oh well.

As far as workouts, I did a mile at the football field. I went two laps then did 10 minutes worth of lunges and squats with 5lb weights in each hand. Then I did two more laps. All totalled it took me almost 25 minutes. It felt good, but I really want to do more! I must fix my TV!

I got home and ate dinner at 8:30 and started watching Survivor, which I had Tivo'd. Then I went on and started watching last seasons finale of CSI. OMG. I am just anxious. I don't know if I want to watch next week! I don't want Sarah to die. :(

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