Monday, April 09, 2007

Time to get back into the game!

It's been a month! Actually over a month! Time to get back into the swing of things! What a month March was. It came in like a lion all right, and stayed that way! I started out the month with a small knee injury that kept me from my workouts for three days. That was March 1-3rd. Then on the third I got sick. Then I stayed sick. I ended up with an URI and a sinus infection which then was diagnosed as Pleurisy. That was the suckiest part! I was in Reno on vacation with my hubby (our first or only vacation by ourselves in 19 years!). I ended up in the ER there. I thought something serious was happening, a blood clot or something! The pain was undescribable. They diagnosed me with Pleurisy after doing all sorts of blood tests and an EKG. Scarry. I went back to the hotel and took some pain meds and went night night while hubby took his chances downstairs at the slots. He wasn't very lucky! :) But we brought it to spend it, so no biggy.

So, now I'm finally able to breath without pain. My chest is still a little heavy, but I'm going to try my hand at working out again. I'm easing my way into it. :) Yeah, right. I have an hour long Group Power class tonight. That is a weight lifting class. I love it, and my SIL teaches it. I may just be using an empty bar! We'll see! I'll have to let you know tomorrow if I can move! LOL!

I hate being inactive. I hate when I am tired all the time. I can't wait to get some of my oomph back!

How is everyone else doing? I know I talk to myself for the most part, but I have a few friends out there who lurk from time to time. :)

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Mensch71 said...

Welcome back! FYI I highlighted your blog over on mine (People Are Strange). I've got pleurisy, too, and it usually feels like a heart attack combined with a knife being shoved into my ribs just under my boob. (Great image, eh?)

Glad you are better. I'm recovering from sinus infection/strep throat. Yuck! And it's snowing here in the Mitten.