Friday, December 15, 2006

Can you feel the love???

It's that time of year, you know, the time of year when everyone is suppose to love their fellow man. You are suppose to get together with loved ones and laugh merrily. That time of year.

But so many of us forget the people out there who don't feel the love. Who don't have family or friends. Who are alone and distraught. Or those who are not alone, but with the stress of the holidays and all the propaganda telling them to be happy just feel so alone and withdrawn.

I tend to fluctuate between those two people. I am a happy, bubbly, exuberant person. I enjoy life and love to be around my family and friends, with the exception of this time of year. I get so frustrated at the media forcing us to get together for the sake of a holiday that is steeped in pagan meanings and tradition. I refuse to get sucked into this time of year. I am the scrooge. Yes, I am the Christmas Hater. Oh well. It had to come out sometime. If you hate me because of it, you do. But I can't and I won't change my beliefs because the world says I should be attending parties and giving presents because it's THAT TIME OF THE YEAR.

Why should the idea of loving your fellow man happen only once a year? And why do we give to food banks only one time a year. People need food all year long. Just questions I have always asked. I love giving gifts. I give them all the time just because. It's amazing to see the look on a friends face when you had them something you found that you just knew they would love! For NO REASON WHAT SO EVER! Just because! People don't do that much now a days. It's sad really.

I would love to see more thoughtfulness the entire year also. This time of year I get more doors held open for me, more smiles and more hellos. I don't understand why that can't continue past January 1st. Is it just me?

So I will continue to hate this time of year for what people celebrate it for. But I will continue to hope that the idea of loving your fellow man, being happy and giving to others will continue in the hearts of others past the new year.


KellyC_bb said...

trying again.

KellyC_bb said...

Aha! Okay, now I seem to be able to post.

I very much respect that you have a husband and children who choose to "do" Christmas, and that (from what you say) you don't interfere with that, and are letting your kids decide their own way.
I most certainly don't hate you because you hate this time of year. I really have a great respect for people who hold fast to their beliefs (as long as those beliefs are not harmful to others, of course).
Personally, I'm not celebrating any sort of religious anything, it is more of a tradition thing in my family.
In my younger years, I was a Christmas FREAK. Decorations, tree had to be perfect, shopping, baking, all the stuff.
I'm MUCH more relaxed about it in the last few years. As I've gotten older (as you already know) I've been working on my perfectionism, and I really believe I've come a long way.
Case and point:
not being at my "perfect" weight, but going to Camp Turbo anyway, getting certified anyway, and TEACHING FITNESS just the way I am.


I always hold doors open, smile, and all that stuff, and I agree that it should happen all year.
I love bringing something home for someone, most likely just a little something from a Dollar Store, that I think "Wow, they would laugh at this" or "they would really think this is cool".

leannwoo said...

That is why I love you so much Kelly! You get me! :)

KellyC_bb said...

Dude, where are you???

leannwoo said...

Totally sick. I've been in bed since Monday. Sucks.

I am going to the store to get some more cold medicine and then I'm going back to bed.