Friday, September 01, 2006

This does NOT paint a pretty picture!

Day one measurements:

I am 37 years old. 5'1" tall.

Starting weight: 175lbs

Chest measurements:
above: 40"
across middle: 43"
under: 37.5"

Waist measurements:
at bellybutton: 39.5"
lower belly: 40.5"

Hips: 42.5

R: 25"
L: 24"

R: 13"
L: 12.75"

Ok, there are my starting numbers. I don't have a body fat percentage. That would be scary. I'm guessing around 33%.


mensch71 said...

You are a brave woman. Good for you! What all are you going to do to "get in shape"?

KellyC_bb said...

Awesome. I know, the numbers ARE scary. Even my current numbers are scary, never mind my 220 pound numbers. Yoikes.

I think I've been plagued with a bit of post-camp "meh"ness. Not an excuse, just a statement. I know it will pass . . . life can't be all camp and excitement 24 hours a day.

My house is not as clean or organized as I would like it to be right now, which kinda puts your head in a disorganized place (well, it does for me anyhoo). I think this coming week needs to be Fall Cleaning/Organizing week for me, and I know I'll start to feel better mentally when it looks more organized in here.

Just remember: years ago, we'd consider ourselves failures if we were saying "Day 1 again". Now we know that every day is Day 1, and every single time we make a choice that is healthy for our life, we are on the right track, and moving in the right direction.

web said...

you're like me. and garfield. you just need to be taller.

leannwoo said...

Mensch71...I am using Beachbody products. I lost my first 30 pounds with them and kept it off for almost two years before it came back after I had surgery and a car accident. So I am going back to what I know to work and be good. No diet pill, just hard work and good food. :)

This time around I am using the Turbo Jam program. The first time it was Power 90. Both great programs.

Web...too funny. Your right. :)

Kelly, clean your house! It feels sooooo good. We had a huge bbq at my house yesterday. I spent the whole morning either cooking or cleaning. My house looks great. Even after the party. I went around and did dishes, picked up garbage and mopped my floor. Still nice and clean. Feels great!