Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day one...again...Sept 1st

I have layed out a new plan of attack. Now that I know what my enemies are I can hit the road running so to speak! :)

It has taken me several years to get this point where I know what my issues are and I actually have a plan to deal with them. I read a great post by Carl Diekler yesterday that really cemented my plan. I am excited.

So tomorrow morning be looking for starting statistics for my Day 1. I know there are no real day one's but it's good to have a starting point. You can't measure success if you don't have a tool to measure it with. :)

I would say wish me luck, but at this point I know luck has nothing to do with it. Jus hard work and smart thinking. This is a war I will not lose.


web said...

Atta' Woo.
We're starting a "count your steps" program at work tomorrow. Everybody got a pedometer. We're competing on teams. The winners get free health care premiums for 3 months. 600+ people signed up. I think Human Resources was shocked and scrambling to find enuf pedometers.

leannwoo said...

Cool beans web! We have been doing that at work for over a year now, some people have walked across the country. We are following the "Oregon Trail". Kind of cool. I stoped keeping track though. I have no idea how far I've walked.