Friday, September 15, 2006

Lovin the workouts! :)

I did 3T last night with a little extra oomph. Boy am I going to be feeling it today. I realized last night how much I love that workout. I enjoy the workouts where I can break a good sweat without feeling like I'm gonna throw up! Now I know that I'll get better doing the Turbo's, but they kill me now!

Today is my "cheat day" So what have I had? Turkey on whole wheat for breakfast. Some cheat. What's up with that? I realize that when I am working out I don't want to eat crap. Even when I have given myself permission I find that I pick healthier cheats. So that is a good thing!

Today is casual Friday at work. I am not casual because I no longer have any casual clothes that fit. That isn't stressing me out. I don't want to buy clothes that will only fit me for a few weeks, cause I know that with my new focus and goals, I will not be this size for very long. So today I look very nice and professional. Next month when it's casual day and there are only two people working, I'll be wearing my old jeans! :) Oh yeah.


KellyC_bb said...

Of course 3T is the best - that's the one I'm on :P
Your goals and focus are right on, man, and you're right: next month, old jeans.
I hit the 50 pounds gone mark today (220 - 170), so that's pretty cool.

leannwoo said...

OHHH MY LORD! 50#'s!!!! I'm freakin extatic! That is awesome! I can't wait to say that! That will put me at about 125! Just right for a little 5'1" girl! LOL! Actually, the doc would say still too much, but I got me some muscle!