Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 6

Helllloooo Day 6. :)

I decided to follow along with my friend Robbie. Well, not really follow along. There is no way I could pump out 1000 push-ups in September. But that got me thinking, it's been a long time since I have done pushups. The new program I am using doesn't incorporate pushups. huhhh. There was a time I could pump out 30-40 straight. Now I can only get to 15. This is something I definitely need to work on. So last night after my workout I dropped and did as many as I could. Tonight I'll do the same thing. I am going to try and get to 50 straight pushups before the end of the month. I think that's pretty cool.

And btw, Robbie, if you happen by, I am not able to post on your blog! What??? It doesn't give me the option to sign in. Shoot!

I'm sad to see you lost one of your classes! :( I hope you are able to find a gym that will let you kick some butt! :)

Since I'm doing shout outs...Kelly, way to hit your mental block straight on. I'm so proud of you! You know what I did today? I went and printed out Michi's ladder. OMG! I almost forgot about that! Talk about making eating easy! :)

I'm outta here. I gotta bust out a workout in about an hour! :)


KellyC_bb said...

Your support and encouragement mean A LOT to me, as I know it's sincere.
Know that I'm way up north, feeling the same way for your journey!

irish_robbie said...

Hey Leeann!
Well my class is BACK and I hope you're able to log onto my blog now!! :)

By the way its 10,000 not 1,000 pushups!! :)

I see that day6 was the still going??? Day11????