Thursday, June 01, 2006

GOYB Challenge

My friend Nina put for a challenge a while back. A "Get Out of Your Box" Challenge. Do something that makes you a tad bit uncomfortable. Something that stretches you. I had a great challenge kind of dropped into my lap. I was excited and scared. But this challenge has dropped right out of my lap. It isn't going to happen due to circumstances beyond my control.

So now I need a new GOYB. I've been thinking about it all day. I'm going to have to contemplate on this a little more tonight. There are several things I want to do. But the idea of this is to do something that is a little hard to do, or not something that I would usually decide to do. A lot of my friends have decided to train for marathons and the such. 5k runs and other things. I am drawing a blank. I don't have a lot of money to invest in a GOYB. But a lot of these things don't require money. The biggest GOYB for me would actually be doing something like going to the BeachBody SM Camp, or the Turbo Kick camp. I'm not a big crowd type of person. And I have a hard time with meeting new people. It's totally exhausting for me. But those camps would end up costing me more than I can afford. I hate being broke all the time, but hey, that's what I get for being a wife and a mom at a young age without ever going onto college. Not that I would change any of that, but it does change your ability to earn money.

I'll keep ya all posted. By ya all, I really mean myself and myself. Do I hear an echo in here?


Tamfish said...

Hello hello hello hello (echo)


Here's what you do. Have a garage sale. Take the money from the garage sale and put it in a secret hiding place. Use it to go to a camp. I think the Turbo camp is going to end up being cheaper than Santa Monica. And it will have some awesome people there, too. You can get a roomie or 2 for the hotel cost and eat light (which is good for you anyway)...

So there you have it. GOYB found.

Where would you be without me?

leannwoo said...

I got a visitor! I'm not just talkin to myself!

Hey Tam!

You're scaring me. Giving me ways to do something that totally scares the crap out of me.

Why does it though? Maybe because I enjoy the online friendships and I am afraid to change that dynamic. Or maybe it's because I don't want people to see how fat I have gotten in the last 9 months. I don't know.

I'll think about what you said this weekend though. See if it is something that I could do. A room mate would definately help. :)

hehehe, the verification letters I have to type to post this are:
OINKWNNE Is that telling me to stop whinning and to stop pigging out?

KellyC_bb said...

online friendships and I am afraid to change that dynamic

I've thought a lot about that too - generally, I don't care for people . . . and I'm putting it nicely, here.
If you ask Bryon, he'd say my expression is actually "I hate people".
It usually has to do with pure stupidity that I can't stand, or a complete disregard for someone's personal property (vandalism, robbery, etc.), or feelings, or any of the crap that happens when you're dealing with 3D humans.
By the way, stupidity is much different than actual ignorance of something, IMO.
I hear ya on the monetary stuff. I never have money for extra stuff, and sometimes, not for regular stuff either! Just like a lot of people out there. I'm fat, so I obviously don't have a lack of food - I have a house - I have an old beater that gets me where I need to be - so I don't usually complain too much :0) but it would be nice to be able to hit the Turbo Camp and not wonder how I was going to pay it off.

leannwoo said...

I totally agree Kelly. It's tough not having money for every day things. I got paid today and checked my bank account to find that I have a whopping $150 in there until my next pay day. Two weeks. I hope nothing serious comes up.

And I also agree about people. I was just taking a walk with one of my guy friends here at work and we were both saying that we don't care for people much. They are usually stupid or like you said they have complete disregard for others feelings, property or anything. They are just clueless.

I have found that most of the people I have meet via the boards seem to be really great people. I know that typing messages gives you the added bonus of being able to monitor your responses and not blurt out something insensitive. But it also gives you a freedom to speak your mind without fear of reprocusions. So it is refreshing in a way. Nice to get to know someone on this level. I am afraid that once I meet them I won't like them, or they won't like me. But I have met Nina, and I loved her more in person if that is possible. So I must just be crazy.

KellyC_bb said...

Yeah, well, we're all a little crazy in our own ways.
I'm kind of like Dawn/absmom: I just don't feel like I'm all that interesting, really, so who the hell would want to spend the day with me???

leannwoo said...

ummm, lets see, maybe me!

I am not so much looking for interesting people. I really don't need to be entertained. I am interested in people I feel comfortable enough to just hang out with. Talk, laugh and do what ever.

I am freaked out even thinking about getting together with all these cool people. I'm a 36 year old mom of three that has been married for 18 years. Not too exciting. I don't have much to offer. :) So I would definatly let people down.

web said...

I thought the Turbo party was your GOYB? No? (And, hey, I guess my invite got "losted" in the mail as my nieces would say.)

web said...

Oh, and Woo, I just saw (and responded) to your question in your Day 10 entry. SORRY! I wasn't criticizing. I was making a joke about the double entendre in Nina's post. I'll crawl back to my cave now.

leannwoo said...

Hey Web! I was sure you were on my invite list. Now I need to go back and see. I didn't have anyone show though. Oh well. Just me and a girlfriend of mine. But we did it together and that was cool.

Ok, now I understand your post. I was clueless. But you have to realize I am also very blond. I will get the jokes and think they are funny once they have been explained. :) 8 inches. hmmmmm. ;) That reminds me. I think its time to get a little tonight. Hubby was gone all weekend! LOL!