Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 10....

So I did this ten day challenge and realized it was not a 10 day challenge I could participate fully in. I was really frustrated and pissed off at myself at first. But like I said before my best friend told me to get over it. She is so funny that way. A very realistic person. So I built a bridge and got over it. :) I took my measurements this morning and was pleasantly surprised. I take a few more measurments than the chart tells us too because I want to know things like how much I have lost under my armpits, under my boobs, around my stomach right under my belly button. So I took three extra measurements. :)

I ended up losing a total of 8 inches. That was really cool. I gotta keep this going. I didn't lose any weight what so ever. That doesn't bother me one bit cause I lost 8 inches. One whole inch right under the belly button. 1/2 an inch at my waist line. 1/2 an inch on my left thigh, 3/4 an inch on my right thigh, two inches total around the chest area. I am not sure of the exact measurements cause I left those at home, but it was pretty cool.

So I will keep up with the Turbo Jam and an occassional jog and see what happens by the end of the summer.

There is this TJ get together in Cali that I would love to go to. I may have to see if I can save enough moola to meet some of my favorite peeple.


Neeeena said...

8 inches ROCKS.


web said...

that sounds really rude. but neeeena's right! 8 inches rocks! you're heading in the right direction, woo.

leannwoo said...

What's Rude????

I'm a tad confused.

You are both right and I was pretty excited about it. I'm sorry if I did't convey that in my post. I am excited, but want to not rest on this. I want to keep moving forward. I am focusing on the way I felt and looked two years ago. I have found some pictures and I am excited to get back to that spot and then keep moving forward from there.

web said...

ooops. sorry woo. i didn't get back to your question. MY DIRTY MIND is what said "that sounds really rude."

Nina: "8 inches ROCKS!"
web (imagining an 8 inch...): "that sounds really rude."

sigh. my humor got lost. i'll get my mind outta the gutter now.