Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Days 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and today, day 9....

Yeah, I kind of didn't keep up on that did I?

I am excited about this challenge if only for one reason.

I have realized my limitations right now. I am not what I was a year ago. Or eve two years ago. My migraines and my dizziness issues are still here. Working out every day for 10 days would have been awesome. I went into this thinking that I would and could do it despite any pain. Wrong.

I was talking with my best friend who is doing this with me and she told me to first of all "calm down" second of all realize that I did 4 more workouts than I had been doing. Eating better than I had been doing. I've lost an inch on my stomach. That is something. Don't stress about what you can't do. Be thankful for what you can. And focus on that.

So today is day 9. I will not have the best results of the bunch. But I do have some results. I am excited about that. I have found fun in exercising again. I am very excited about that.

I did not lose any pounds what so ever! But then again Aunt Flo was visiting nearly the whole 10 days. Just left yesterday. TMI Robbie? :) You love me. :)

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