Friday, February 03, 2006

Fat Jeans

We all have them. We all hate them.

Today I am wearing them, and to tell the truth, they are snug. A friend told me to buy a bigger pair. WHAT? These are my FAT JEANS! You don't go buy a bigger pair of fat jeans. You get off your ass and do something about it.

So yeah, I'm feeling rolls on my rolls. It's an extremely fat day. I have eaten nothing but sugar and crap. That's why I feel so fat and bloated. I can't wait to go home and get out of these jeans and put on a pair of sweats. Sweats are something a person should wear when they workout. Which makes me think of what I haven't been doing lately, and why my fat jeans are getting tight.

I need to make myself a workout schedule. I need to get healthy enough to actually work out too. My lungs are improving. I am still coughing gunk up, but I can breath. I really want to work a single program. I haven't done that since I did P90 and lost 30lbs. So I am thinking that TJ would be the workout I would hit. But I can't help but notice the glaring lack of weight training in this program. I love lifting weights. It is such an immediate gratification. You feel your muscles work until they can't lift anymore. That is awesome. Cardio...meh. I have never liked cardio. It has a way of making me feel even fatter. You know what I'm sayin, when you are jumping around or moving fast your fat likes to go in the alternate direction. I feel the rolls literally moving away from my body and trying to steer me in a whole different direction. Then when I stop moving my body feels like that jello commercial. It just keeps moving.

My son has decided he loves to poke and prod mommys belly with what ever he can find. His hand, a spoon, his shoe, the dog...the list is endless. He does it until I get him in a head lock and make him cry uncle. It's a fun game we play. Poke the belly, get in trouble. He's 12. Not 2 like you may have thought. That right there tells me it's time to take action.

Which makes me start to ponder why have I NOT taken action. I was so much thinner a year ago. I know I can lose the weight. I've done it once before and kept it off for over a year. So why am I afraid to try again? I'm older now, maybe I'm afraid that I won't lose it as quickly. That isn't the case though. I know I will lose it. Even if it is at a slower pace I know I will eventually lose it. One thing I do know though. I don't want to get caught up in working out again. Seriously. It put a lot of stress on my marriage. I worked out in the evenings. The only time I see my husband. He would spend evenings alone up in our room watching tv while I was downstairs working out after the kids went to bed. I would then clean up and come to bed after he was asleep. Seriously NO sex life. It was really hard because I didn't want to let myself down, I was dedicated to working out and I couldn't see any other time to do it.

That is my biggest fear. Putting that kind of stress on my marriage once again. I won't do it. I won't put exercise before my family. So that means one thing. I have to get up early to workout. NOW THAT IS THE REAL REASON I HAVEN'T WORKED OUT! Get up earlier??? NO WAY! I get up at 6 am as it is. I would have to get up by 4:55AM to get my workout in every morning. I could do that right? The body can survive on one less hour of sleep. Because I don't see myself going to bed before 10pm anytime soon. That is still almost 7 hours of sleep. Doable. Once I got the hang of it it might not be so bad. Afterall my good friend Nina works out at the buttcrackofdawn. It has been done. I can do it. Who know's, my body may grow accustomed to the new time and start to enjoy it. I think even Pammy does AM workouts.

It's good to have a place to put my thoughts. I may not be a great writer like some of my blogging friends, but this helps me sort things out and that's a good thing.

AM workouts it is. Starting Saturday morning (that is like tomorrow for anyone reading this a week from now). I had better start slow. TJ 20 minute cardio will probably wipe me out. But in a good way. I'm looking forward to it.

And even though I said I wanted to stick with one program, that doesn't mean I can't add an extra workout here and there when my body gets fully recovered right? I would love to add a little arm workout, or a P90 sculpt on a day or two. Do a double for that day, because I want to still do the TJ as it's designed to do.

I'm getting excited.

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