Saturday, December 10, 2005

Houston, We Have Babies!!!

So Mela was getting ready and gearing up all day yesterday. We knew it was going to be soon, and I knew that I would be up most of the night.
She had her first baby at 10:30pm. Then didn't have her second one until over an hour later! I thought I was going to be there with her all night. I called the doctor to make sure an hour inbetween was safe. They assured me that as long as she isn't pushing constantly for more than an 30 minutes she was fine. She hadn't been. She was really good. After the second the rest came quicker. In all she did have 7 babies. All doing really well, all really big and fat. Not runt in the litter! She was a real trooper!

She is such a good momma!


dc² said...

Way to go, Mela!!! They look absolutely precious. Congrats!

AZTLGRL said...