Thursday, December 22, 2005

Harassment...It really sucks

What can a person do who is being harassed? I am asking myself that question. I have gotten into a situation with an e-bay seller...I won't go into the whole story, but I paid, she didn't deliver. I have gotten back 85% of the money I sent her. She is now sending me very harassing e-mails. Telling me that I am the one with the problem. Sigh. Ok, trying to be the positive person I said I would be.

I told her that I was disappointed in her reaction, and that I had not received the item. I then proceeded to tell her the routing number she gave me for UPS was bogus. I called UPS and they had not attempted to deliver anything to my address, nor did they have anything scheduled to deliver...Sigh. I tell her that. She refuses to let it drop. Insists she sent it and they tried to deliver once and since I didn't pick it up they are mailing it back to her, so she is out the shipping charges. Boooofrigginhoo. I again contacted UPS. Nope. Nada. And they would have tried three times before returning. Again, her story stinks like rotten eggs. Not my problem anymore. So why does she insist on sending me harassing letters telling me not to contact her? I have only responded to her. I am not responding anymore, and I have asked e-bay to block all messages from her to me. I doubt they will do it. But I don't want to dwell on this negative issue anymore.

The camera I tried to get for my daughter I didn't receive. I feel bad, because it was something she really wanted, and it was pretty spendy too. At least for me it was spendy. I am not sure I can trust e-bay again. I am thankful that Paypal was prompt in reviewing this and sent me back all the money they could collect from her account. But I am out a little. A small price to pay to have my eyes open to the douchebags of the world. :)

I think I will continue to do my purchasing from trusted companies. being at the very top of the list.


AZTLGRL said...

Sigh...Ebay's normallu pretty good at investigating. Go through their square trade. She'll have to prove to them that she sent it. And if she can't she gets either banned from ebay or a warning. If she gets any further complaints she'll be banned. Just ignore her from here on out and let ebay handle it.

leannwoo said...

I have let them deal with her. You are right, she isn't worth it. I told Pat the other day that I will only buy from power sellers from now on. No more just getting started sellers. Which is kind of sucky that you have to do that, but I don't want the agrivation.

It did go through the paypal investigation process. E-bay told me to use them because paypal would keep e-bay informed. She wasn't able to prove she sent it. So they initiated a refund. She didn't have it all in her account, and since then she has taken everything else that she had up for bid down. I'm not sure if paypal has closed her account, or e-bay has suspended. But she isn't selling right now. I'm glad too.

AZTLGRL said...

That means they suspended her! WOOO HOOOO WOO!

leannwoo said...

Wouldn't that be so cool. :)

Heather, you are like my only poster. :) Thanks for visiting.

At least my one poster is a totally cool chick. :)