Wednesday, December 21, 2005

looking toward the future...

A friend of mine at has me thinking about next year and what I want to accomplish. I think I have come to realize that it's time to move on. Move forward and stop dwelling on what happend this year. This has been a bad year for my body.

I'm gearing up and starting to formulate a plan. When I have it down I will let you know, but my main goal is to first and foremost lose that extra 25lbs I have gained the the last 6 months. Secondly, to get strong and healthy, thirdly, to find something that I love to do. I have not found "the" activity that I love. I get so jealous of those that LOVE to run, or LOVE to know, LOVE those physically active activities. I'm sure there is something out there for me that I will absolutly friggin love. But I ain't found it yet.

I am looking forward to a new year. A fresh year that I haven't messed up yet. :) I will have a clean slate and will be able to look at things differently. I'm already starting to do that. Why wait until the first of the year?

So I am going to work on being more positive. I come here and I rant. I complain. I whine. Well I'm gonna try and stop doing that. Who really wants to listen to that? I sure as heck don't. I don't even read my own entries because they sound so pitiful! HA! So there! I'm done! :)

Next year baby...I'm comming for you! You'd better watch out!


Dave170 said...

Hey Leanne, lets take up clogging!!

Just Kidding

I'm with you kid, my 2005 started great, but from Sept on has been BAD, BAD..lookin forward to turning it all around in 2006. Come over to my blog sometime.

Anonymous said...


I feel you on the attitude adjustment. That was my aim for this year -- trying to think positive and not be negative or judgemental. It didn't always work, but more times than not it did. It just seemed to make the days go by better. I've been accused of being Pollyanna but I'd rather be happy than cranky.

It's a new year, new exercise, new variety -- try anything. You never know what you'll like.

John (hodzer)

leannwoo said...

Wow, I give myself an attitude adjustment and I get two good looking guys visiting me! :)

Dave, Mad love for ya man! But then again you knew that! Thanks for pointing me to your blog, I will come visit often!

John, it's funny you say something about being pollyanna, because in my real life that is my personality. People think I am so very fake because I am a bubbly upbeat person, but I find that on the boards and in writing I am able to get my frustrations out that I normally keep to myself. I am going to stop doing that quite as much. I may need to vent a little here and there, but for the most part I really want my bubbliness to shine through. I don't want to be the person people hate talking to because they will hear about their aching head, back, kids, husbands, get the idea.

My life really is great, it's time I take a little time to reflect on that!

side note...bwhahahhahahha! My word verificatin starts with PMS! HAHHAHAHHAHA! Sorry. Juvenile, but funny none the less!