Friday, July 12, 2013

Daily Posting...Yes or No?

I'm trying to decide if I need to keep up a daily post.  I think not.  I would like to make sure I post weekly at least, especially as I continue focusing on myself and trying to get healthier.

Right now my workouts are new and exciting and I'm still doing really well with my food intake too.  There is positive stuff to say and scary stuff to talk about.  So for now I'll post when I feel like it, which is pretty much almost everyday.  But I will strive to do weekly accountability posts too!

With T-25 each Saturday is STATURDAY. We take our stats and keep a weekly journal.  So I'll be posting my stats here tomorrow for my first week.

I'm a little scared of my workouts tonight! I have two. Fridays are double workout days. So that is 50 minutes of T-25. Oh dear.  25 minutes kills me.  I have to modify so much and work so hard to get through it.  I"m not sure how the double workout is going to go!

I guess I'll let you all know tomorrow!  All of you! hahahahha! That's funny because I do believe I'm the only one who sees my posts! So the daily updates are just for me. And the weekly ones will be too!

Gonna have a great day today! My first Friday working 5-8's instead of the 4-10's I've been working over the last 5 years.  It didn't feel too bad getting up this morning for work. Usually Friday's are my days to do running around, get my nails done, take the dogs to the vet. etc. etc. etc.  Now I'm just another Friday worker. But I get off work a lot earlier and I go in half an hour later! I'm enjoying that a lot. More time at home with my family at nights is wonderful!


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