Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Or in this case a thousand WT????

We were at a family get together in mid June out at my BIL's lake house. My wonderful MIL is always with a camera. How I wish she would stop that! But she took a picture of me and my wonderful husband sent it to me.  First thought, "When am I due?"  Honestly the shirt isn't helping but it's not a billowy shirt. It is supposed to be a billowy shirt but it isn't. I fill it out rather fully.

I knew I wanted to try the new T-25 workout. 25 minutes? Heck yeah! And I also knew that I was leaving my 4-10 work week and going back to an old fashioned 5-8. I would have more time either in the morning or the evening to workout again.  Yeah!  So on July 8th when my schedule at work changed I decided to also change my health.

I started working out with Shaun T's T-25 Workout through Beachbody. I also started drinking Shakeology again. I used to drink it all the time but got out of the habit.  I'm only on my third day and my muscles are very, very, very sore but I want to use my page as my kind of Journal to plot my path and keep track of my ups and downs.

Like I said in my last post, I'm not advertising this to any of my friends on FB, Twitter or my family.  The pictures I will be sharing are not pretty and I really don't want a lot of people seeing them.  I figured the fewer the better! Hahaha! but it will keep me accountable.

I will say that I am feeling good for day three. I'm sore as can be expected but I'm doing good. Food has been great. I'm not hungry, I eat every few hours, but I am eating healthier options and lots of veggies. No wheat at this point because my body just doesn't do well with it.  A little corn and no rice so far but I won't completely cut out brown rice.  Lots of beans, lean meats, high quality fats and veggies. :)

Ok, this is the moment I am still queasy about. Photos!

First I'll start with the day at the lake in June:

It's blurry, my MIL bless her has never been good at taking pictures! You would think that after taking so many millions of pictures she would get better... But no.

Now for my day one's:

These were taken immediately prior to my first workout.  Pretty huh? lol.  But my hair is getting long! YEAH! And I am not coloring it anymore either! Embrace the GRAY baby!

And this picture was taken immediately after my first workout! :) I had to modify a lot of it (ok, all of it) But I didn't give up and I kept going as hard as I could! I think the face shows it. :)

Natural Highlights (gray) and beat red face!
Perfect combinations! 

So after day 3 I'm pretty happy and I'm excited to keep moving forward.  I will post stats and weekly weigh in's to keep me focused but honestly it's not the weigh in that I am looking forward to. It's the strength and having less to carry around! Oh, and a bonus, better bladder control! Yes, I said it. :) So tune in and comment if you like, don't if you don't. I like to pretend I'm talking to myself after all.  You may just shatter my illusion!

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