Saturday, April 23, 2011

Premonition or Just Accident Prone?

Wow, my last post could have been a premonition of things to come! I can't believe what happened to me yesterday.  I was minding my own business, going for an early morning run.  It was sunny and a bit cold but it was sunny! I strapped on my running shoes, leashed up my Siberian husky and we were off.  30 minutes into the run I hit a rock and twisted my ankle, went down and hit my other leg.  I face planted in the road. OUCH! Lucky for me an off duty fireman was running on the other side of the road and came over.  Long story short, I was in the ER for xrays on my right ankle and my left lower leg.  Nothing broke but I am laid up in crutches now.

The amazing thing is a year or so ago this would have derailed me!  I would have been so upset and just thinking that I couldn't do anything.  But I just wrote that post and it is fresh in my mind.  I can still do a lot of upper body work and I can do ab work too!  I may be on crutches and not able to run or do any cardio but that doesn't mean I can't focus on my health!

I am excited to mix things up and see what I can do!

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