Monday, April 04, 2011

Embracing the Hispanic Community

By Barbie Decker
Barbie Decker
Anticipation is in the air as Team Beachbody prepares to launch into the Hispanic community. "Being a Latina Coach, it's all very exciting to me!" Barbie says with pride. "It's history in the making!"
And with an estimated 50 million Spanish-speaking people living in the United States, Barbie senses the uniqueness of the moment. "We're in a special position right now," she explains. "As Latina Coaches, we're able to really identify and connect with people in our culture—it's a different way of relating."

But Barbie knows that the opportunity isn't limited to Latinos. "I'm fortunate to be bilingual," she says. "But if you're an English–speaking Coach, you don't have to miss out." She adds, "Speaking Spanish is not a pre-requisite. It's simply a bonus!"

Golden opportunity

Team Beachbody En EspaƱol presents a golden opportunity for Coaches. "One out of five people in this country speak Spanish, so if you're not tapping into this community, you're really missing out," says Barbie.
She continues, "I tell people that many great resources like P90X® and the different Beachbody Sharing Tools will now be available in Spanish. Coaches will be able to use these targeted tools to reach out to their Hispanic friends and their referrals to welcome them to the business."
Barbie has learned that Latinos are more open than the general population to direct marketing efforts. "Research has shown that this form of marketing is highly effective in the Hispanic community," she says. "Use it to start fostering relationships, but follow up with face-to-face contact to communicate the full story and close the deal."

Memory jogger

To identify potential customers and prospects, Barbie uses the memory jogger. "At Business Opportunity Meetings and Fit Clubs, I ask people to write down ten people who they think would be interested in fitness or the business opportunity," she says. "It can be very general like listing your dry cleaner or dentist."
The next step is to ask them if they know anyone who speaks Spanish. "It's about who you know and who they know," she says. "Odds are that someone in your circle knows someone who speaks Spanish."
And Barbie insists that Coaches not be shy when it comes to asking for referrals. "You may not know 25 people who speak Spanish, so ask people you know to help you come up with a list of names," she says. "People love to give referrals if you ask in the right way."

Spreading the message

Another way Barbie gets the message out is through emails and phone calls. "Team Leaders need to create a script and hold list-building calls," she says. "My advice is to tell people we're looking for Spanish-speaking people to come find out what this amazing opportunity is all about. You don't have to speak Spanish to get involved."
And then, of course, there's always Shakeology®. "Latinos love all-natural foods and drinks," she explains. "This makes it easy to promote Shakeology in the Hispanic community." She continues, "Whether people purchase Shakeology on Home Direct or become Coaches, it's a win-win for everyone!"
So what's the result of all her hard work and determination? "I quit my professorship to become a full-time Coach," she says. "Now, I'm about to open a fourth business center!" She adds, "With my Team Beachbody business, I can be where I want, when I want. I get to spend time with family and friends all over the country, and I'm moving to Los Angeles. Life is awesome!"

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