Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sore Abs!

So my Wednesday night fit club did Tony Horton's Power 90, Sweat 3/4 with the Ab ripper 200.  This workout is near and dear to my heart because it was the first Beachbody workout I ever did back in 2003.   In it he says he is 42 and now he is 52 so this is an oldie but a goody. 

I had forgotten how tough this workout can be! My abs are sore today and this evening my shoulders started to fill a little stiff too. ;) Good stuff man! Good stuff.

I went right back mentally to those days when I was working these videos six days a week and knew all the words, all the moves and every punch line.  It was like visiting an old friend.  An old friend that makes you want to punch him but still an old friend. 

I think it's a good idea to revisit old friends every once in a while.  Especially the ones that got you turned onto fitness in the first place.  It reminded me how far I have come, how much I have learned and how much farther I have yet to travel and how much more I still need to learn!

Little steps! We can all do this!  When I started I was huge! I had a bad back and a bad neck.  I had to modify nearly every move and I did level 1/2 for the first 45 days at least!  You can't imagine the feeling of accomplishment on my 90th day.  Well, maybe you can imagine if you have also done one of Beachbody's programs. :)  I was so happy that it was over.  (you can get pretty tired of the same workouts for 90 days) and I was so sad that it was over (it's amazing how attached you become to a program after 90 days).  I moved on to Slim in 6, Power Half Hour, Slim Series, P90X, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin' Body, Brazil Butt Lift and my most recent Rev Abs.  I'm sure I left a few out, I kind of have a small problem I collect Beachbody workouts! I'm addicted to Beachbody workouts!  How can you not be?  You can train with anyone from Shaun T to Tony Horton, from Debbie Siebers to Chalene Johnson.  So many different styles and kinds of exercise!  It's so much fun!  Do we want to dance today? Maybe we want Rockin' Body, Hip Hop Abs or Brazil Butt Lift.  Looking for something more down and dirty? P90X, Insanity, Si6...It's just such an amazing array of programs.

Wow, ok, didn't want to come off like a commercial for Beachbody. They don't need my help with advertising, they are pros at that! ;)

Just making a point to go back and visit some of your old favorites as you collect new ones.  Remember when you first started your fitness journey and how far you have come.  Remember what it was all about so that when people ask for your help or guidance you can pull from that.  It is so easy to become overwhelmed when trying to lose weight. It is as if it's some sort of magical land that only a few can get to.  It isn't.  Being healthy and fit can happen for anyone at any age at any size.  I really truly believe that.

I may not be the slimmest person around but I am working every day on my health.  I am excited every day I am able to not just help myself but help someone else find fitness and enjoy it! 

Now I'm going to go back to my sore abs and try to get some rest.  Tomorrow they will be a little more sore but in such a good way!  I think I'll do it all over again even!  Why not? I haven't visited this routine in a while.  I had my weighted workout day today.  I could use a little sweat 3/4 tomorrow!

Hope everyone has had an awesome day.  I know I have.  Now it's off to bed.

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