Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Journey to Fitness

Now I have to say that is it really more than halfway through March?  Wow. ;)

So in this time I have been continuing my fit clubs and making some friends!  It's so much fun meeting people and helping them figure out ways to add fitness into their days.  It isn't always about the big changes, it can be about small things! And when I see that light go on and they realize that they too can do what needs to be done to get healthy it's an amazing feeling!

My wish is that everyone who is struggling with their weight will know that there is hope and that they can start today making themselves healthier.  It will be a long road with lots of bumps in it, but it really is one step at a time to get you healthy.  One decision, one change and one step at a time!

Have a great day everyone and remember that it's ok if you happen to take a step backwards.  Just stay on your feet and continue on your journey! Fitness is a journey not a destination.  There is always something you can work on and always something that can change.  You will never reach your destination because you will always be traveling your journey.  Ask the healthiest person you know what it is they are working on and they will tell you what their newest goal is.  Which brings me to another point.  You will not go anywhere without having a goal or a road map of how to get there.  You need to make goals to know where you want to go on your journey!

I'd love to meet you while on my own journey and share a mile or two or 20!

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