Monday, May 17, 2010

Post Summit...

I had the amazing opportunity to go to a Team Beachbody Coach's Summit a couple of weeks ago.  I have to say I had an amazing time and was able to meet some wonderful people!

Janet whom I have been online friends with for years is one person I was able to meet in person.  She is so sweet and such a beauty! I hate it when they are sweet and cute! I can't call them names then! Oh well. ;)

I was able to attend some amazing trainings and learn about new products and merchandise that Beachbody will have to offer in the future.  I also learned about one product that won't be offered at this point.  Beachbody has been working hard to bring us vanilla flavored Shakeology.  The company is very particular about what goes into their shakes! It after all is "the Healthiest Meal of the Day!" And after working with a company and finding out that they were not using a natural vanilla they scrapped it and started over.  So I am not saying that we won't one day have a vanilla flavor, I'm just saying it isn't now.  While that is sad, it makes me very comfortable knowing a company I work with is so trustworthy.

I have realized that this is something that I really want.  I want to help people get fit and healthy.  I want to help people find a way that they can earn an extra income while they become fit and healthy!  I have been doing half of it already.  I have loved Beachbody since I first started using Power 90 in 2003.  I go way back with the company.  And I can't say anything negative about them.  While they had growing pains because they expanded and many, many more people realized what they had to offer, they still tried to always put the customer first.  While I have heard from people who have had bad experiences I can honestly say I have always been treated first rate.

When P90X was coming out for the first time we were able to sign up for an autographed copy.  I of course jumped right on that.  I filled out the online preregistration and waited, and waited, and waited.  When others were getting theres I wasn't.  I was patient though and continued to wait.  I was sure that mine was just shipping later.  After all, my last name starts with a W. :) When it became clear that I wasn't getting my beloved signed copy I contacted CEO Carl Daikeler himself.  He sent me his very own copies.  So I would say they strive to make good on their promises.

I know I am just rambling, but this is the place I often come to put my ramblings into words.  It helps me keep my focus. :)  So if you read my posts you understand that about me by now. Although I'm pretty sure I don't get many people reading.  That is kind of the great thing about blogging.  You can post things that a only a few will read.  You can almost feel as if you are talking to yourself.

Ok, back onto the subject at hand.  My experience at Summit.  To say it was life changing would be so cliche.  But it really was.  I went to last years Summit.  At the time I was not a coach.  I was thinking about becoming a coach because I was already talking with people about what a wonderful company Beachbody was and how awesome their products were.  Shortly after my first summit I signed up as a coach but I really didn't know what to do.  I had no idea how to approach people about this opportunity.  Strange huh? After talking with people for so many years about my love for Beachbody it almost started to seem dirty to talk about.  Why? Because now it would benefit me along with Beachbody? I really think that was a big part of it. I really had to sit myself down.  Now you know I sat myself down a few weeks before the summit and had a serious heart to heart.  We had one more.  I had to ask myself why I was being particularly shy about approaching people about a wonderful company with amazing programs and opportunities.  I think I just didn't know how to start.  I was a little scared.  What if they say no?  What if they say no?  Seriously? That is scary to me?  I get told no all the time.  As a society we have been told no many more times than yes.  So that can't be the reason.  Would I be afraid that others would point their finger at me and laugh...there goes that lady who always talks about Beachbody.  Wait, that wouldn't be bad.  I would enjoy that.  I would love to be known as that lady! heheh.

So I seriously started talking to people.  Giving people the opportunity to say no. The opportunity to say yes. I have found that just simply giving people an opportunity to do something one way or the other is very uplifting.  It is cathartic in a way.  I have taken all this weight off my shoulders and put it on others.  I openly and freely talk about my love for Beachbody and what it has done for me.  My kids will tell you that I have been a beachbody freak for years.  Now it's time everyone else gets to know what a freak I am. BWHAHAHAH!

Seriously, you all already knew I was a freak right?  All three of you?  Ok, good.

I will be back soon.  This time I'll try and not ramble quite so much. :)

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