Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Hump Day, or Happy Penguin Day or Happy Administrave Assistants Day...

Hehehe! I saw on the news this morning that it was Penguin Day. You can honor our penguins by dressing in black and white. Nice.

We got donuts this morning for Administrative Assistants Day. Another Nice. Make us AA's nice and Fat.

On that note, I worked out on Monday night and it felt good. I worked a little too hard a few times and had to stop. I was a little nauseous and light headed. So I took it down a notch and went from there. The instructor would notice and make sure everyone else knew that it was ok to take a break if you need to and grab a drink of water or what ever. It doesn't help that I am always in the front row either. lol. I like to think I help other fat people when I move to the front of the class and show them it's ok to not be able to do everything exactly like the trainer. It's ok to take a break in a set and allow the muscles to rest. Just go at your own speed and do your best! We were all sweaty and red faced when it was over. A good workout that my muscles are still feeling. I think I will go again tonight. If I don't' make the class I will do my Power 90 Sculpt workout at home. I want to keep the muscles working.

Another good thing, my change in classification at work went through! Yeah! I am now no longer "working out of class". Although I liked that. :) I am a true administrative assistant/event planner extraordinaire! I'm looking at taking some formal classes on event planning since that is about 60% of my job. It seems I'm getting good enough at it that the State has asked me personally to attend an event in July to be the coordinator and keep things flowing for three days. I thought that was pretty cool. I work for local county government, so it was really cool to be acknowledge at the state level as a person who can put things together and pull things off. I love being the person who makes everything look perfect. No one ever knows what really goes on behind the scenes!

I'm not finding any real trainings on event planning though. When I go online it is those advertisements for online courses that say you can make $20,000 a week! I don't want that. I want to learn REAL event planning. I have had a lot of on the job experience over the last year putting together all sorts of events from Children of Incarcerated Parents to Violence Prevention Workshops to a Diversity in the Workplace series. I just want to get better at it.

Right now I'm working on a couple at the same time. A Diversity Workshop with a fiesta and folkloric dancers afterwards and a Children's Center kick off. I really do love this part of my job.

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