Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Incredible Shrinking Woman!

Yup. That is what I feel like. I am just melting away. Why, you ask? Well because I feel like I am shrinking. I am finally ready mentally to let go of the old me. Losing weight isn't just about eating right and exercising. Who ever told you that was missing 1/3 of the equation. You see...I did lose weight. I was eating right and exercising. I lost it and kept it off for over a year. But then I gained it back. When I wasn't looking it snuck up on me. Strange how you don't notice a couple pounds here, a couple pounds there. Until it is 20+ pounds and you can no longer fit into your clothes. YIKES! Of course there are reasons. You always have the reasons. For me it was a surgery and then an auto accident that lead to the weight gain. But really, it was mental. Yes, I couldn't work out like I "normally" would. But that didn't mean I had to give up. I could have walked, I could have lifted light weights, I could have done daily stretching. Could have, would have, should have. All just excuses.

I know that my life style is healthy, I exercise, I enjoy eating right (with the occasional splurge) and I have a great life. The only thing keeping the weight on was my mental view of myself. That has changed. I'm not sure how or why, but it has. I have noticed it changing slowly over the last few months. Then a close friend of mine asked me to join her in positive mental talk for the next few months. I realized I had been doing that because of a wonderful book another great friend had given me. DUH! No wonder I was feeling better!

So the race is on. I'm competing against the old me. And guess what. That old me is slow and lazy. No way is she going to be able to keep up or catch up to me and slow me down. Yeeeehaw! Lets get it on!

I am healthy!
I am fit!
I am confident!

Let me hear ya!


KellyC_bb said...

You got it.
Crazy busy with a huge proofing job right now that of course, because at THEIR end they are so slow, they expect me to make up the lost time.
Had to say "right on!!!" though.

irish_robbie said...

Hey Leann!!!

Wow you freaking rock!!! I'm sooo proud of ya and HAPPY that the NEW you is winning the race against the old you!!!!

Can't wait to hear more updates!!!