Thursday, July 20, 2006

Trying to find a good blogskin is soooo hard

I am not a code writer. I don't do code. So therefore I need to find a ready made blogskin. I have been looking high and low. I just can't seem to find one I really like. Oh well. It's not like I have all the time in the world to do it in anyways. :(

So I look every now and then. I'll find something that is me one day.

So what else? Nina made me remember why I used to watch QVC all the time. Thanks. I spent a while watching it last night. And what were they selling? And old man was selling supplements. :) Really exciting! But I kept watching. I remembered the thrill of watching. Wondering what would be next. Would it be something I couldn't live without? I got hooked when my oldest was a baby. She is now 16. I can't get hooked again. I must maintain control. But with hubby out of town I'm a little board. Note to self... PAINT YOUR WALLS!

Other than that, I have been worrying about a few friends. One who has been sick, she is still in my thoughts until they figure out what is wrong, another who's best friend is battling cancer. My heart and prayers have been continually going out to her and her family, and another who has some issues she is trying to work through. But we all are doing that aren't we?

what else? Not much. I'm super busy at work, and my way of dealing with it is to ignore it. I have to walk away, or in my case go online and write, just to get away for a few minutes. I have three pages of notes for things that I need to get done. I have been marking them off as I go, and adding as I go. So it never really shrinks, it just keeps me focused on what needs to be completed. I have also taken to carrying a small black notebook in my purse. Now I can write down notes no matter where I am and follow up on them when I am in the office. I have been having issues of remembering things at the oddest times and not having the ability to write it down. Then it goes away. My memory totally sucks lately.

Ok, gotta go back to work.


web said...

I like this template better than yesterday's. Yesterday's wouldn't let me post a comment to the forehead question (or at least I couldn't find it.)

I didn't notice your forehead but i did think you looked blonder again. You look good in blue.

web said...
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leannwoo said...

Loved the double post web! :) But with it removed it looks like you said something naughty. :)

Yes, my hair is lighter. I had a lightening fiasco. I used my daughters lightener to "lighten" my hair. Little did I realize that she uses an extreme lightener...ooops. I had really, really blond hair. I had to go to the store and get a rinse in hair color, one of the ones that are not permenant, and put color back into my hair! OHHH MY! But it's ok now, still lighter than I wanted. But fun and flirty. I got it all cut off, now it's all curls! :)

My forhead is huge! How could you not notice. I have been trying to figure out a way to take a head shot without promoting the forhead! It hasn't worked. Cause I either get double chins or forhead. Between the two I'll pick forhead.

KellyC_bb said...

I couldn't find any way to post on yesterday's template either.
Forehead cleavage! Better than that toe cleavage they were talking about before.

I NEED a lot of things too, woo.
One of those things is a new fridge, so I'm just hoping that every day when I wake up, it's still going!
My computer won't let me do a lot of things, and now that I'm getting a website going, I need to be able to actually add stuff to it.

I can't even download music most of the time anymore. It won't let me defrag, it's getting slower all the time . . . I NEED a new computer.

I NEED to put money back into RRSPs we took out when we bought this house.

I hear ya.

leannwoo said...

I know. Everyone has needs. :(

One of mine got answered last night. My cousin is giving me his old stove. It isn't really nice or anything, but it works. That is all I care about at this time. I tried to boil water last night on one of my last remaining elements and it wouldn't get hot enough. I had to switch it over to the back burner. My last burner. So I am going to have to cut out some wood, since mine is a built in and this one is a stand alone, I also need to cut out some countertop, and then I need to have an electrician come and wire for it, since the other one is wired directly into the house! YIKES!

But it's free, and it will work. It won't match my kitchen, but it will work. Sigh, I am so tired of having to make things work instead of getting what I want.

KellyC_bb said...

Sigh, I am so tired of having to make things work instead of getting what I want.

Sorry, but that made me smile. I often think that (to myself), but don't often say it out loud, 'cause I know it could be worse, and I don't want to make B "feel bad", or something, I dunno.

Nothing in my house matches anything else. I like to call it ecclectic.