Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New week, new post.

I'm averaging one a week. I hate it when people do that!

Lets see...What do I have to say? I put my husband and my 14 year old daughter on a plane for San Diego this morning. Sad...I'm sad. I'll be without them for a week. My oldest daughter is working, my son is always gone. I feel so alone. I think I'll paint another wall. That is what I did last time he left. :)

So my trip to California for Turbo Camp has fallen through. This time it isn't money (well, not really) or my own issues (I have trouble meeting people). I am unable to get the time off from work. I hadn't even thought that this could EVER be an issue. I have never had problems before. But I had always been office support before. Now my boss is leaning very heavily on me. We no longer have an office manager and he is using me as much as possible. On top of that I am the new administrative assistant for the Healthy Start program. I am learning all sorts of new things like quarterly reporting to the state. Fun stuff I tell you.

So, no trip for me. I was so close to it I could taste it! I could feel it, I could smell it. I felt like I was there for a time. I was so excited. I was even going through my workout wardrobe and making notes of what needed to be replaced. Sigh. Oh well. Who needs time for themselves? Not me?

I was feeling a wee bit guilty anyways. I mean, I NEED a new stove, which of course costs about the same amount of money as I would have spent for camp. I don't know about anyone else, but it is very hard for me to do something selfish if there is a greater need for my family. Hence, I rarely do anything for myself. :) I did go out and buy some new fat clothes the other day though. I bought myself two skirts and two tops. So I have a little more stretchy things in my wardrobe. :) It's hard for me to realize how big I have gotten, but I feel ok, because I have the tools to take it off FOR GOOD.

I guess that's all I got for now.

Oh, and has anyone else noticed the freaky size of my forhead?

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