Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Have you ever totally freaked when you realized that time is running out and you have so many freaking things that need to be done?

I have less than two weeks now before my Spanish exchange student shows up at my door. I am not ready. My house isn't ready. Will it ever be ready? I'm not sure.

What I do know is that I will never get everything done that I want to get done. The back yard is a mess. It nees to be taken care of. I don't want to do it. I still have paint sitting in my garage waiting to go on my walls. I finally painted my bathroom last weekend. It's totally cute. I'm glad I did. I need to paint my living room, family room and kitchen. I will work on the living room this weekend.

I need to have a painting party. Anyone interested?

I have to clean out my daughters room so that Sofia (the exchange student) has a place to stay and a bed to sleep in. My other daughter needs to clean her room and make room for her sister to come and stay. It's either that or she sleeps on the top bunk of PJ's bed. Which might actually work better. His room is always semi-clean. Charis' room...forget it. I can't even see the freakin floor!

So I'm stressing out a little. It'll all be good. I know. But I can't help but stress. It's that little perfectionist in me that comes out every once in a while.

My job is totally stressing me right now too. But I had a great meeting with state people this morning! They actually created a whole new database system based on the suggestions I had given them. It was so cool to see it in 3D. My requests had for the most part been granted, and they were really excited to meet me. When I introduced myself about four people in the room turned and looked at me. Then the head design guy said "I know you!" I wanted to shrink down in my chair until he told me that it was my input that shaped the whole program! YEAH! Then I flirted with him as best as I could with his wife in the room! :) She knows I love him! At least I love his brain! lol! He has helped me a lot in another program I work in. Soooo cool that I was finally able to meet the person I had e-mailed and talked on the phone with so extensively.

That makes it almost all worthwhile. I just wished my boss knew that I was making a difference at the state level and not just the county level. Oh well. I'm not one to toot my own horn. Except on my blog. I can then toot all I want! :)


KellyC_bb said...

I hope you don't think you "need" to paint your whole house for the exchange student . . . or is that just one of those excuses we find to try to get stuff done?
Once my proofreading is completely done (shouldn't be long now, I think they have to file the prospectuses this week), I need to paint the window trim on the outside of my house to match the rest of the new white stuff (soffits, eaves, fascia).
The white looks SO much sharper than the off-white-puke colour they had done it. I don't relish doing that - although it's the preparation I hate more than the actual painting. If I don't clean it properly, the paint will fall off.
I also have to paint the woodwork in the room I'm sitting in now. I hate that piddly shit.

KellyC_bb said...

Oh and I keep forgetting to say . . . at least somewhere . . . how much I like your new photo.

leannwoo said...

Thanks. That's a picture from last summer. I like my hair color in that picture. I'm thinking about going lighter. Don't know.

And no, I don't think I need to paint my house for the exchange student. I just want my house clean. That is hard. clean with three kids?