Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In DaBag!

That's what day one is! :) I had no real issues on day one. The workout was a hard one in 94 degree weather. Especially when it jumps from 65 to 94 in just a couple days. Whew! Today is a little better, it's 85. I won't get my workout in until late tonight. I didn't get up in time this morning. I tell you when it is hot and you are not able to fall into a deep sleep until it's around 3am it is really hard to pull your butt out of bed an hour early to workout. :)

So I will hit it around 9 or 10pm tonight. It depends on what time I get home. I have a meeting tonight. Which scares me food wise. You see, most meetings I go to I am in charge of catering menu's. I decide what to eat. So I always know we will have a lean meat and a salad. We may have pasta or something else for everyone but there is usually a nice lean meat like turkey or chicken breasts and a green salad. Tonight I am at the mercy of others. :( I have no idea what to expect. And if I have time I may just stop at subway and get a turkey sandwich before the meeting. :) A good offence is a good defense or some such thing like that. LOL!

So I took my measurements last night. WOW. Um...Yeah...Not good. I left them at home. Shoot, now I can't let you all know how big I am. :)

Isn't it enough to know I weigh as much as a man could weigh? And that I am only 5'1" tall. I'm not sure what that measurement is for you Canadian folks. I don't do conversion well. :)

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