Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day 3...

Or what should have been day three came and went. I went home yesterday with some "issues". I had a relapse of my dizzy spells and headaches. I also had an eye twitch to go with it. So I went home and went straight to bed. I feel a little better today. My head is still really foggy. I have that hung over feeling with my tongue feeling thick and my stomach feeling off.

I will call the doctor this morning and see if she wants to see me. I know it's the same issue I was having in February. So there is most likely nothing they can do about it.

I do feel sore from my day two workout still. I guess today will have to be a day off and I will just hit it as well as I can for day four. :) It's all a process.

I just realized last night that I did not weigh myself before I started my journey over again. That is either bad or good. I realized that I am not concerned with my weight. I am only concerned with my health and my fitness level. I think I will stay away from the scale. I don't care how much weight I lose. I do care how much fat and how many inches. So I will stick with that. When people ask me how much I have lost I will tell them in inches not pounds. :) The scale is evil anyways.


KellyC_bb said...

What did your dizzy stuff end up being before?
I think I must have missed that back then.

Good luck on your house party! I have no one to invite, so I'm trying to come up with some ideas - and I'd better make it quick. They sure didn't give us much time. I doubt I'll even get my party package, anyway, as I couldn't put a Canadian address in the form.
I tried emailing info @ all day yesterday and they kept getting bounced back.
I tried again this morning, and I haven't received a bounce-back email yet, so hopefully they got that worked out.

leannwoo said...

Hey Kelly! They did all sorts of tests and determined that it's all in my head. :) J/K. Kind of. They think that the nerve in my inner ear is being pressed on or inflamed in some way causing vertigo type symptoms along with some other cognitive symptoms. I've been going back and forth in my head as to whether I should call my doctor or not. I think I will give it until tomorrow. If it isn't better I'll call.

KellyC_bb said...

That's very similar to what's been happening to my mum this past year.
They believe it's "an inner ear thing" - which means "live with it".
Drives me nuts.
I have dizzy stuff on and off that I just live with, 'cause I've seen so many people go through tests and what not, and never come up with any answers, so why bother?
Same with my headaches and migraines.
I just deal.

leannwoo said...

yes, that is me for the most part. I am just dealing. I have had so many tests that show nothing. The inner ear thing is untestable. It is something they diagnose when all else fails. I don't just deal with my migraines though. I do take prescription medication. I can't function with a full fledge migraine. Just the thought of movement or thinking is enough to make me want to barf.

I ended up coming home from work today again. My boss walked up to me and told me to go home. I can come in on Saturday to make up time if I need to, but for now I just need to rest. That is very nice of her.

So I am at home in bed right now. I am thoroughly enjoying my husbands anniversary present. He thanks me for his laptop every time I use it. :)

web said...

oooh. i had vertigo in february, too. maybe we have a computer virus.

don't let it get you down. when you workout again, that'll be day 3. and the next time will be day 4 even if it doesn't happen to fall immediately after day 3. : ) I mean, it's not like all your workouts have to be on consecutive days or anything. Unless you're some kind of BeachBody freak or something. heh heh heh.
If you work out twice this week that's probably twice more than you worked out last week. I'm not trying to give you an excuse to be lazy or anything. (God knows none of us needs any help doing that.) But only you know how much that car accident affected you. Or the migraines. Or the dizziness. So feel better and get those curtains hung cuz...

party's at Woo's house!

KellyC_bb said...

Ohhhh I don't function in the depths of the migraine, either, don't get me wrong.
I've been to the hospital numerous times to get them to stop the headache and barfing. I haven't had to do that in a few years, since I discovered (faint of heart, stop reading) Gravol suppositories. Erk, I know, but at that point, you'll put pretty much anything, anywhere :P

leannwoo said...

I really have to get to work on my house! House party! Woohoo! :)

I can't seem to function right now though. I am just so frustrated. It is beautiful outside. Warm and sunny. I can't enjoy it. I tried going out yesterday for a bit and ended up almost throwing up. Just too much! GRRR.

Kelly, OMG! I don't have migraines that bad, although as I get older they do seem to be getting worse! I feel for you!