Thursday, September 13, 2012

How I spent my summer...

Ok, I've been neglecting my blog yet again! I have an's not a good excuse. It's because of all of the other amazing blogs I read. haha. I seem to be a tad bit too busy between work and reading other peoples fun stuff that I don't give any time to my own blog. Bad LeAnn!

So let's take a moment to catch up shall we? I haven't posted anything personal since...YIKES! June 4th! Wow. I am in trouble. A lot has happened since then. Let's start with June 14th. The worst day I've had in years..well, the second worse day. The worse day was actually June 15th. On June 14th I called my vet. Lilly wasn't doing well. Lilly is my beloved pug for those of you who don't know. This is Lilly. Isn't she sweet? 

Lilly had been going down hill for a while. She was in a lot of pain and she was having a lot of trouble walking. My family has been telling me for the last six months that may it was time to let her go. I couldn't. I was holding onto my dear sweet girl. Whew, this is so hard. I called the vet and she had actually been waiting for my call for the last couple of months. I took her in the next morning and said goodbye. My wonderful daughter went with me for support. I cried. And I cried. And I cried some more. Heck I'm crying again right now. She was a very special girl and I will forever miss her corn chip smell. I actually wrote a whole post about saying goodbye but could never post it. RIP my sweet little Lilly.

So I have been keeping busy. In July I worked two basketball tournaments with my husband which was long days and hot gyms. But I got to be with him and that made it better. I was missing my Lilly still and it was hard. It took about 4 weeks for me to realize I couldn't not have another pug. No dog will ever replace Lilly in my heart. Don't think that I was trying to do that. I just needed another pug. I worked up the courage to tell Pat that I had decided I needed one because we had been talking about how nice it was not having to worry about an animal if we want to go somewhere. :) I didn't even get the completed sentence out of my mouth. Honestly, this is how it went down: "Honey, I've been thinking and I really think that I need to get..." this is where he cut me off with, "I know". I started looking immediately and found a nice lady who lived half an hour away. She had two small children and two pugs who happened to be in love. I have been told this is the last time they can be in love as momma was going to be fixed. :) I loved that she wasn't a normal "breeder" and loved her pugs as family. I still wasn't sure I was going to get one so Pat and I decided to visit her when the pups were about 12 days old. She stole my heart.

I continued to visit her every week until the day we could bring her home. We brought her home the day before we left for our family vacation to the beach. Lilly had been with us last year, Olivia was with us this year. Last year we were concerned about potty accidents and this year we were concerned about potty accidents. The only difference is this year I was also concerned about the birds and wild animals trying to pick my new baby up and carry her off! Scary! So now I am busy, busy, busy with a little girl who loves me to death and keeps me on my toes. Little Olivia is a spitfire! We call her Olive. PJ calls her Olivia Newton-John because she is so awesome. :) 

Oh, wait! Let me back up a little. I lost my job in June too! Yes, June kind of sucked! But I found a new job, a great new job and I love all my coworkers and my new boss. I miss all my old coworkers and my old boss but I'm on my feet and doing good so I totally even forgot to mention that! Silly me.

Pat has been told he needs his hip replaced. We met with the doctor a few weeks ago to ask some questions. Basically it's up to him as to when it happens. He can't make it any worse because it's as bad as it can get so it's up to his pain tolerance. He is pretty young so we are hoping he can hold on a little longer. Dude is in serious pain though and I feel bad for him. :( Basketball season is starting back up and he will be in the gym probably 20 hours a week on top of everything else. Let's keep our fingers crossed he can make it through the season. Oh, and he wants to start working out again to get in shape for the surgery. I'm all for that. I have a lot of workouts we can do. Guess what he wants to do...yeah, Insanity. He loves this workout! I'm not sure it's the best option but I won't say no. So we will try it and I will make sure he keeps the impact down low. That will be key.

PJ got a job over the summer so I was still making him lunches even though I posted about the last lunch. Haha! He ended up losing this job due to medical reasons. You pass out once at work and have to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance and your family doctor won't let you go back until she knows why! That will lose you a job for sure. We still don't know why, boy is supposed to be wearing his heart monitor in case he has another "incident". I ask him if he has it on and about 75% of the time he does. The other 25% he is being a big butt head and says that he isn't going to pass out again. Gotta love 18 year old mentality.

Girls are doing good, living their lives and having fun. Not much going on there. Love them to death and glad that they are still living with me. :) I know someday all my kids will leave and it will be just me, Pat and Olive. Until that time I really love having them all with me. They bring me so much joy.

I'm still doing my Fit Clubs but attendance has dropped off during the summer months. Why be indoors when it's sunny right? I totally get that. I think that is about all to report for now. 

This was a log post. Next time I promise something fun and uplifting! 

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