Sunday, September 04, 2011

Writing interesting stuff for people to read is hard work!

Lately I have been having a brain fart when it comes to writing for my blog so I find myself just posting videos and things like that.  I started to wonder why that is and then I started writing an amazing post only it was all in my head. lol.  Seriously. I write the best posts when I'm away from my computer.  I was cleaning the kitchen today, that deep clean stuff no one wants to do, you know removing the cereal boxes off the shelf and wiping it down type of cleaning.  I was scrubbing away and writing a great blog post!  All about what I see in Beachbody and why I chose to be a coach.  How much the company means to me and why I feel so strongly about helping others.  Then I get to the computer and it all goes away.  I am stumped! Why is that?  Maybe I should start talking into my phone and recording my thoughts as I am kids might think I've gone insane though.  Wait, they already think that! 

I am always amazed at the blogs I follow.  These people post daily content and it's interesting, funny or educational stuff.  I'm always amazed!  How do they do this?

So to other bloggers out there, where do you get your inspiration?  How do you maintain a daily blog and keep it interesting, funny and not go insane?

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Rai said...

I'm also amazing and super intimidated by great bloggers. Every time I write something it just seems awful in comparison. The best thing I can say (to both of us!) is to just keep writing!