Sunday, May 15, 2011

Starting a New Program Tuesday!*

I posted a while back that ChaLEAN Extreme was going to be my next program to purchase.  Well I got it!  And unfortunately I sprained my ankle pretty dang good three weeks ago and I am still unable to put full weight on my right foot.  But I decided I didn't want to wait.

I am starting my new program tomorrow morning.  I am doing the whole program from a chair for now.  All lower body work will be modified to do from a sitting position in some way.  I will be focusing on building my upper body and strengthening my back and abs.

Anyone want to join me?  You can do something for yourself.  You can increase your muscle strength.  You can increase your cardiovascular health.  You can do something positive for yourself tomorrow despite any limitations you may have.  I am focusing on being healthy and helping as many people as I can become a healthier person too!

I'd love to have you join me.  I'll post updates as I do my chair phase and then as I am able to start to put weight on the foot and slowly start to up the lower body workouts.  I guess I am willing to put out here to everyone my struggle so you all will know that it's ok to have struggle.  Without struggle there is no growth.  Who wants a life without growth?

Are you willing to grow with me?  I hope so. :)

*In all honesty I had to fix my post.  I did not start this morning.  I woke up around three am with the realization that if I started on Monday I'd have two workouts on Wednesday because I have fit club!  So I changed my start date to Tuesday since the program has one day on, one day off and then 5 days on.  My days off will now be Monday and Wednesday with Wednesday being my fit club day. :)

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