Thursday, May 19, 2011

Second ChaLEAN Extreme Workout

Today was Burn Circuit 2.  
I did the WHOLE thing standing! YEAH!  I couldn’t put all my weight on my right foot in the moves that required it but I was able to remain standing and push through the whole workout.
I have realized that I do need more weights.  I need a slightly lighter one and a few heavier ones.  I only have 8’s and 10’s.  So that makes it hard when I need to go lighter on some of the smaller muscles and when I need to go heavier on the larger ones.

I was able to fatigue the muscles though so that was good.  These moves are slow and steady.  I love how solid you feel because you cannot rush through any of the moves.  It just makes you feel strong when you put those weights down and you are a little shaky from giving it all you’ve got!

I’m in the market now for more weights. J We stopped by the local Goodwill to see if anyone had decided to ditch theirs but no such luck.  Saw some interesting stuff though!  Stopped by the  everything store and they want over $10 for each weight! So it would be $20 for one set!  Wow.  That is insane!  So I think I’ll start checking craigs list to see what is out there! 

I’m just so excited to be working out and knowing that I am able to do more than I thought I could!  I am looking forward to tomorrow’s workout and I haven’t even looked to see what it is! Lol.
If you guys want to ask me any questions or do this with me let me know!

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