Thursday, December 16, 2010

Challenge Yourself!

You heard me!  I know, life its self can be challenging enough right?  Why do we need to add any more challenges to an already hectic, full to the brim life?  Let me ask you something, are you feeling satisfied at the end of the day?  Are you going to bed knowing that you did something good for yourself and you are making a better, healthier, happier you?

My job is a great job.  I do some cool things, I do some not so cool things.  But, at the end of the day my job isn't what keeps me going.  What keeps me excited and makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning is my love.  I have a job and I have a love.  My love is helping others realize their goals.  Strange how my goal is to help others realize their own, but it is.  I love helping people understand fitness and helping people to reach their fitness goals.

Society today puts out so much information on being healthy and living healthy.  It is all so overwhelming.  Fitness doesn't have to be that way.  The reason it is made that way is, in my opinion, so that we will fail.  The more we fail at being fit the more money the industry makes.  How many times have you started a diet and stopped.  Purchased a gizmo and not used it? Bought diet pills that don't work because a healthy body doesn't come from a pill.

Health and fitness can be as simple as buying whole fresh foods, eating as little processed and fast food as possible, and moving your body at least 5 times a week.  Simple right?  But it takes effort.  I said it's simple, I didn't say it was easy.  Big difference!

So, what are you going to challenge yourself with for 2011?  Are you going to pick a new workout?  Are you going to eat less takeout?  Both?  Will you be a healthier you by this time next year?  I know I plan on all of the above.  I've even made a game plan.  Have you?

You will not be successful if you don't have a game plan.  You need to know what days you will workout, what type of workout you are doing.  For me Sunday is my rest day, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are my weighted workout days to build muscle.  Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays are my heavy cardio days.  Not only have I scheduled the types of workouts I will do, I've scheduled the time I will do them.  If you don't have a time you will not do it.  If you say you will just fit it in it will never happen.  I've tried.  I've failed.  And do you really want to have to think about getting your workout in all day long?  At 10pm do you want to feel like a failure because you are now too tired to do any kind of workout and you didn't fit it in during your day? I know I don't!  Make it as easy on yourself as you can.  Plan ahead.  Know what to expect.  And don't give in to temptation!

A great way to keep yourself accountable is to have a workout buddy!  You don't have to actually workout together, my workout buddy lives hours away in the next state! But I know that she will hold me accountable!  I also go to Wowy to log in my workouts with others!  It's great to workout virtually with other people AND you can win some cool prizes just for doing it!  Best of all, it's free.  Yeah, I know, how cool is that?

So let me know, I want to hear what your plans are for 2011.  Now is the time you need to start really thinking about your health and what you want to accomplish.  Now is the time to put together your game plan and work out all the kinks!


Mariax2 said...

I got my "Game Plan" are you going to be my work out buddy :)

leannwoo said...

You know you are my workout buddy! Who else lives hours away in the next state? G does, but I haven't been talking to her about needing to get a scheduled workout in. :) You'll kick my butt if I fail. That's why I love you!

I'll e-mail you my schedule. :)