Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Still working on me...

I have made many attempts at getting healthy.  I have even accomplished this goal and stayed there for two years before back sliding.  This blog was all about me working on myself and figuring out the real issues.  Why I wasn't doing what I needed to do even though I knew what I needed to do!

I thought last year that becoming a Team Beachbody Coach would give me the encouragement I needed to start treating my body better.  I was wrong! When you are working with people to help them get fit it is easy to disregard your own fitness, especially if it is all online and not face to face as most of my customers are.  And I also found that people would open up to me.  Hey, I understand! I know what they are feeling and what they are going through.  I'm going through it myself!  I always had a fear of personal trainers, nutritionist and generally healthy people that are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.  I did.  I thought that they didn't know me or what I was going through.  That they were just skinny or muscular things that had no clue what it was really like to be, dare I say it...Obese.  Yes.  I'm obese.  Sad but true.

I got over my fear when I met and become friends with several personal trainers and nutritionists.  Imagine my surprise to discover that they have their own issues and they aren't perfect! Amazing.  So with that knowledge I realized that waiting for something to inspire me in order to exercise and get fit wasn't going to happen.  Inspiration that is external will not last.  I had to find my WHY.  Just like with building a business and needing to know where you are going and what you want to accomplish, I needed my fitness why too!  News flash to me.  Yeah, I am naturally blonde, why do you ask?

So at the end of June as I realized I was turning 41 in just days and I was still not where I wanted to be I sat down and tried to figure out when I could workout and always be able to workout.  With my hectic schedule, working 10 hour days and having four kids, two dogs, three cats and a husband I quickly realized that evening  workouts were no longer an option.  Besides, where would I do them? My house is full and there is not a place I can workout without being in someones way!  So I bit the bullet. I decided that I would start working out first thing in the morning.  That meant that I needed to get up an hour earlier than I normally do.  For me that is 5:30 am.  So as of June 28th, the day after I turned 41, I started my morning workouts.  And I am surprised and delighted to say I haven't missed any!

Yesterday was a bit difficult.  I hit the wall.  I bonked.  I had nothing left and I felt like I hadn't given much to begin with! So I took my own advise and I stopped my workout a full 10 minutes early.  I was sad.  But I made it up on my lunch hour by doing a 40 minute jog/walk and got all sweaty! I had to go back to work afterwards so that was fun. :)

I have also found that with the morning workouts I have more energy and want to move more.  I have been going for walks during my lunch on most afternoons getting a second bit of movement in.  I know it sounds cliché but movement creates movement.  The more you move, the more you want to move.

I am finally in a place where I am feeling like I am doing something good for my body.  I am moving 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day.  I am eating healthy and drinking my Shakeology.  I am reaching out to people to help them live healthier lives and learning a lot more about myself in the process!  It is just an exciting time. :)

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