Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The next chapter...

Ok, so I lost a lot of weight and got really healthy with Beachbody products. It was amazing. I got it off and kept it off for over a year actually. I was focused. I just couldn't seem to loose that last 10lbs. I got frustrated. I started trying fad diets, things like, no carbs in the morning, meal replacements that weren't healthy. Diets based on your blood type. Diets based on your body shape. So many diets. My body must have freaked out! but I digress.

Ok, going back. It was December of 2004. I had a major surgery to reduce the size of my breasts. It turned out that losing weight did not make my boobs smaller. UGH. So here I was a size 10 and 145lbs with a DD chest. I had them take me down to a C. Much better. :)

I maintained my weight loss through the surgery and recovery. I was focused on not being one of those people who gain their weight back. Even though I was not able to workout during my recovery I didn't gain. I am sure I really did gain but didn't know it. I know I lost muscle because I wasn't able to work the muscles. So that set me up for some weight gain. :) I just wasn't realizing it at the time.

After I got the go ahead to workout I couldn't seem to find my groove. I worked on it. I tried. I was frustrated I guess. I was feeling out of shape again even though I was still a size 10. I felt huge. Then I started getting pains in my left hand. I thought it was just arthritis bugging me since it was in the knuckle. I tried to ignore it. It would come and go. It would throb and then be sharp stabbing pains and then throb again.

Finally, one night my hubby and I were out and my hand was really hurting. I actually got some ice to put on it. It was swelling on me too. I went into the immediate care facility the next morning and they took X Rays. The doctor showed me a small piece of my bone that had chipped off and was floating, that was causing the pain and swelling. But he wasn't concerned about that. What he was really concerned about was the growth that was inside the knuckle causing it to be a hollow bone and allowing for the break. WHAT? I had never heard of such a thing.

I was sent to an orthopedic specialist who after looking at the X Rays said he wouldn't touch it. I had to go to a hand specialist due to the location. I guess there are just too many things that can go wrong in that area. I made an appointment and had to wait about three weeks. With a piece of bone floating in my hand. I couldn't workout, I was stressed and frustrated. I think I did start to eat comfort food about that time. It was in June of 2005. I went to the specialist and he set up the surgery. It started out he was going to take bone marrow from my hip to put into my hand to fill the hole. Then he decided to take donor bone marrow. I am so glad he did because I found out later how painful it is to have it removed. OUCH. They scraped the inside of the knuckle and took out all of the growth and sent it in for testing. It was benign so that was a relief. I still had six months of physical therapy and healing before I could start my workouts again. Instead of thinking of what I could do, things like walking, squats, lunges. I was thinking about all the things I couldn't do! I couldn't let my heart rate go to high. I'm not sure why, but I think it might have had something to do with the donor bone marrow taking in my hand. I don't' know, he just told me I couldn't elevate my heart rate. I couldn't grip anything like weights so no lifting, of course no push ups, nothing that I had been doing anyways.

I let myself get into a funk. I gained about 10lbs. I didn't think it was too bad considering I had had two surgeries in about six months time. Summer turned into fall and I was getting closer to that magical date when I would be released to do my workouts again! YEAH! It was early December 2005. I was driving into Portland for a diversity conference for work. It was POURING! The water was heavy on the road and it took me over an hour to go 15 miles! Crazy! I am almost to my destination. At the last stop light before I will turn into the parking garage! Thank goodness. My light turns green, I go, so does the delivery truck next to me. I was to the fourth lane of traffic when a car came out of no where and hit me. Pushed me into the delivery truck. I don't know if I will ever get that sound or the scene out of my head. Metal being pushed in on be from both sides. Trying to hold the steering wheel steady. Getting to the side of the road and taking stock. I hit my head on my driver side window. Air bags did not deploy since it was a side hit. I was thankful I was in my big SUV instead of my little pick up truck. My husband had insisted I drive it that day. It was raining too hard and he was afraid my little truck would hydroplane. I didn't have any broken bones. The young man who hit me wasn't so lucky. He did walk away. Amazingly enough. The car he hit me with was a little two door thing. Totaled. I had him get into my car with me while we waited for police and ambulances to come. He was beat up and bleeding, had a broken hand. I still think it was amazing he survived.

I was in physical therapy for that accident for the next three months. My ribs were dislocated. Can you really do that? I gave up. Before six months went by I had gained 30lbs.

So fast forward to now. Four years later. It took me four years to figure out why I stopped and what my issues were. I'm really focusing on balance in my life. Being healthy and active is part of that balance. Sharing my story and Beachbody with people and helping them become healthy and active is another part of being balanced.

I have realized once again the wonderful gift I have been given and I am excited to be able to share a little of myself with others. Thanks for listening! And as always, if you want more info go to www.beachbodycoach.com/leannwoo.
This is a picture of me taken in December 2005, a year after my breast reduction and right before my weight gain!


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SWEET! Thanks! :)