Monday, May 08, 2006

Count Down to the 10 day Challenge!

May 15th is the start day of the 10 day TJ challenge. I am actually starting my new program on Wednesday.

I am really excite to get back into the grove of things. Then come the 15th I will be ready to really jump in and do the food and everything. I havn't dont this before so I'm kind of scared but excited also!

I love Turbo Jam and can't wait to be able to move up to the next level! I have it sitting at home waiting for me to be able to use. But until I get my body used to the first set I don't dare tackle the next!


KellyC_bb said...

I started in on May 1, and managed to get all 6 workouts in last week, as they are laid out in the Advanced TJ Rip You Up rotation Chalene put on the boards.
I just did CP3 today, and I was wiped throughout the whole thing, and had a stitch for most of it that refused to let go, so I just kept going.
It was not my best workout by far, but I DID IT!
Food last week was awesome, Sunday was, well, Sunday, and now serious again this week.

Yes, I now have 2 useless backpacks. Have you ever put that thing on? What's up with that piece that juts into your neck??? Like I don't have enough neck problems, I need that thing pushing my whole head forward?
I am very familiar with ebay :0)
I was planning on giving a whole set of DVDs away at my party as a gift - their loss.

leannwoo said...

I was also planning on giving mine away as a party gift! :) My best friend is going to do it with me at my house. So I may give her the set after the 10 days are up. If she falls in love with it anyways! :)

I agree with the whole funky backpack thing. What is up with that? I tried it on and wondered why in the world you would need the dohicky behind your neck. Kind of weird. And I don't know about you, but I don't do any serious hicking, so I don't really need the super straps around the waist and the chest. Sheesh! I feel like I have strapped on a baby backpack!

irish_robbie said...

Hey LEanne!! Today is 15th!! how's day1 going!!?? Fired up!!!???

I'm Excited for ya!!!