Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh the pain..

My hubby is healing. His surgery went very well. He is in pain and feeling like he can't do anything. Getting frustrated, wanting to be up and out of bed. So not only is he in pain, he is causing me pain. :)

I love him, I'm glad his surgery went well, I'm glad that he is on the road to recovery, but he isn't the best patient. He has trouble staying down. He wants to move. He doesn't want to stay in bed, or stay at home. And since he is unable to drive guess who gets to take him places. :)

I am so glad that it went well though. He has been in so much pain and now it will all hopefully go away and he will be back to his old self.

On another note, my oldest is going away for a few days. I hate it when they leave. Yeah, she is 16. I should be ok with it. I'm such a protective mom. She is going to the State Model UN conference to compete against other high schools. She is the ambassador to her country, she has five delegates under her. She has been working so hard to get everything ready. She was at the high school until after 11pm last night. She is exhausted. But she loves this stuff. She thrives under stress. Not like me. I hate it. I do well multi-tasking, but I don't deal with stress well. My other daughter who is 14 deals with stress about the same as I do. We don't. She already has an ulcer. 14 and an ulcer. What is up with that?

So I'm exhausted. My kids are exhausting me, my husband is exhausting me, my house is exhausting me. I'm painting. Started with my entry way. Now I'm moving into the sitting room, next the kitchen, after that will be the family room, then onto upstairs! :) Oh, I almost forgot the downstairs bathroom. Still not sure what to put in there. The counter top is a deep blue, I have fishy theme because of the blue. Maybe I'll do a teal or turquoise. That would be fun!


web said...

You know what they say: It's hard to keep a good man down. Have you tried duct tape?

leannwoo said...

Duct tape works for everything! Why didn't I think of that! He wouldn't have needed surgery! Web, where were you a few weeks ago? :)

web said...

Seriously, tho, hope he feels better soon. Before you kill him.