Wednesday, April 26, 2006

O Captain, My Captain!

A man I really respect had a great post to his blog the other day. Carl Daikeler...

We are all Captain of our own ship. We are constantly changing course to get to the destination we want to arrive at. I know how important working out is and it has been driving me nuts knowing that I have not been able to work out. I then realized that instead of sitting here feeling sorry for myself I need to adjust my sails. So I can't workout. I can plan my meals, focus on sitting straighter. Drink plenty of water. Get lots of rest so I can feel better. There are so many positive things I can do to keep my vessel on course! So my focus is changing.

I am going to start a food diary. I really need to focus on what I am putting into my body. I need to up my water consumption, decrease my coffee consumption. You use water to make coffee right? :) as I take a swig of my coffee. Yes. I am going to focus on more positive things.

I love it when I get an attitude adjustment!


KellyC_bb said...

Dammit, woman! You may have just pushed me right over the edge into thinking about my food again.
Ahhh well, the past four months of my on again/off again romance with healthy eating had to end sometime.

I'm also really, really thinking seriously about attending a live certification which is happening, ummm, VERY SOON, so I need to have some proper fuel in there for a few weeks beforehand.
It's hard enough flinging this ass around during workouts, never mind with crap in the gas tank, and having to do it for 8 hours in a day.
I already know I'll be the florbiest one there, so I'd better be able to bring it.

heh heh I said crap in the gas tank

mensch71 said...

Just left you your letter assignment in the comments on my blog. Happy writing!

Mensch71 (