Monday, April 17, 2006

Day 1-yesterday

So I started working out again. I can't believe I let myself get to this point. Thinks just kind of piled up one after another. I stopped working out right before my surgery and then couldn't afterwards. I got sick, was in an accident, got sick again. Not excuses, but simple reasons life gets away from you.

Before I knew it I had gained over 30lbs. The straw that literally broke the camels back came on Wednesday night. I knew I had gained weight. But I was still wearing most of my work clothes, and my jeans still kind of fit. I needed to dress nice for an event I was going to. I couldn't find a single nice dress that fit. I ended up wearing a skirt with a stretchy waist and a sweater. Not good. I looked nice, and a few people said so, but I knew that I was fat! So frustrating.

Last week I got my new Turbo Jam videos in the mail. I have a bunch of new videos for advanced Turbo and I can't do them because I haven't worked out in so long. Yesterday I plugged in the 20 minute Turbo because I didn't want to kill myself on my first day back! :)

It felt good. I sweated! I remembered all the moves and made smooth transitions. I did the whole Turbo part! My son watched me and made fun, but that was ok. Tonight I do Turbo Sculpt or what ever that other one is. :) Tomorrow is 20min Turbo again. If I am feeling good I will throw in 10 minutes of the ab workout. I am afraid of pushing too hard the first few days. I'm just going to get my feet wet.

After 10 days I plan on hitting it hard with the new TJ's. I can't wait.

Drinking lots of water today. Eating good. Loving it again. I remember now that I loved working out. I loved being thinner, healthier, more energetic, enjoying food more because it was good for me. I miss all of that! I'm glad I am getting back to it.

I would say wish me luck, but that would mean I needed it. I know I don't. encouragement maybe. Luck, never! :)

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irish_robbie said...

Hey Leanne!!! Happy Day1!! Believe me, I know exactly where you're coming from! After having amazing success back in 2003 with BB, I gained 60pounds! So on August1 when I re-started everything, I was at my heaviest weight far!

KellyC has that awesome quote "Fall Down Seven times, get up 8times" and it really is true! Don't worry about where you've been, or where you are now...Just look forward and move on from today!!

You're gonna do awesome!!! Good Idea doing the 10days before hitting the new workouts too! You're body will be a little more used to the workouts again and then you can really start pushing it!!

I'm SO glad you're back on track and it sounds like you're really fired up!!

Keep on posting!!